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Scroll down to find out how to get your own copy of our out of print albums!

But now, we are making copies of our albums available on CD for you (see right below)! Believe it or not, we can not get any more albums or CD's from the record companies - what a rip!


Sorry, the disc is temporarily unavailable.

Stay tuned for updates!

Now Available!

As of May 1, 2011 you can now get the albums!

Ded Engine's two albums have been out of print for many years, only being available by resellers at such places like eBay. Now, I've decided to make the albums available on CD just for you!

For a mere $10 (postage included for U.S. and Canadian orders; worldwide orders not available at this time), you can have both albums on one CD, autographed by the drummer G.H. Lorimer!

Just click the button to order! 

Questions? Contact G.H. Lorimer here!



Special Gift!

For the first time ever, you can hear a bootleg recording from 1987!

It's the song "Take A Hike", which appears on our first album. For fun we went to the Blind Pig, a small bar in Ann Arbor Michigan. We had friends there, and decided to play on a Monday night. A friend of ours would discover during the show that a guy was recording us on a little cassette recorder! Of course, we had our security "meet him" later and the tape would end up in my personal archives. Now, for your pleasure, and for a limited time, you can hear it! Here in MP3 format are the original album and bootleg recordings of "Take A Hike"!

Take A Hike from the first album

Take A Hike Live from the Blind Pig

Just click to play, or right-click and save-target-as to download

Please note: These recordings are Copyright (c) 1984, 1987, Ded Engine, and all rights are reserved. You are granted permission to download and use for your own pleasure. Making duplicates or copies for others, public performance or broadcasting, distribution, posting, or altering in any way is prohibited without permission.


We do have very limited supplies of some of our original copies of our recordings. Email me for current prices.

The first limited edition E.P.


British Compilation

The 45

The second E.P.


Debut Album

Second Album

There are many online record dealers that also have our albums in stock. Just do a search for "Ded Engine" from any of your favorite search engines and they'll pop up!







I have discovered that you can usually still get our albums from eBay. Quite often you can find all of our albums in LP, Cassette, and CD forms, as well as other Ded Engine rare collectables! I've seen our original self released cassettes, old rare foreign compilations, 45's, magazines including Kerrang, Circus, Sledgehammer Press; and even a t-shirt! Click the logo to search for Ded Engine right now!

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