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Pardon our dust, as this site is under much reconstruction! The major archives (known as the "Books of the Ded", in four volumes) have been unearthed and are currently being scanned in preparation for this web site.



Above Photo from ~1986; L to R; Doug Horstman, G.H. Lorimer, Scott Litz, Marky DeSade


Doug Horstman

G.H. Lorimer

Scott Litz

Marky DeSade


Sadly, in 1994, Bassist Marky DeSade passed away from all of us. Please click on his picture to visit his Tribute Page, created by Bonnie Bucqueroux.


Coming Soon!

The Photo Albums! Being the keeper of the scrapbook (known as the "Books of the Ded"), many photos, articles, and other bits of interest are being scanned and prepared for display on this website. Stay tuned!



Ded Engine was by far the largest and most educational experience of my life, and I learned many lessons concerning all facets of life. Being co-founder of the band, I manned the center seat as the drummer, as well as becoming the keeper of the photographic, audio, video, and paraphernalia archives. I probably never will be able to fully thank all of the people who shared and helped shape all of my experiences, but if you are reading this right now, and are one of those people who contributed in some way to the growth of Ded Engine as well as my own being, I want to thank you for your efforts and contributions, no matter how seemingly small. They were all very important, and I treasure all of those experiences.

G.H. Lorimer, Jr.






I have discovered that you can usually still get our albums from eBay. Quite often you can find all of our albums in LP, Cassette, and CD forms, as well as other Ded Engine rare collectables! I've seen our original self released cassettes, old rare foreign compilations, 45's, magazines including Kerrang, Circus, Sledgehammer Press; and even a t-shirt! Click the logo to search for Ded Engine right now!

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